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Karatsu City has plenty of cooking ingredients available from the nearby places of sea, mountains, rice paddies, vegetable fields and pastures. We are insistent on natural and fresh finest seafood locally available. It is also notable that select eggs, fruits, vegetables and rice used at our ryokan are the ones we preferably get from our farmers who naturally make. These are the finest ingredients available from Karatsu city and surrounding towns and villages such as Nanayama Village, Fuji Town and other places in Saga Prefecture. We also recommend the local reputable brand of Saga beef as one of main dishes for dinner and would like to be informed beforehand if you want to taste it here at our ryokan.

And also please feel free to inform us of any special requests or requirements if you need to follow a restrictive diet due to diabetes, allergies or other reasons, has least favorite foods, or need to have kids' lunch set.

It might be a pleasure for you to see pottery ware as well as local cuisine in Karatsu. We have various wares made at Nakazato Taro-emon kiln, San-gen kiln, Dohei kiln, Sajiro kiln, Jinen-bou kiln and other kilns. It can be arranged here at our ryokan to serve foods in the dishes/bowls of your favorite kiln if you would inform us of your favorite one beforehand.

It also might be enjoyable to see porcelain/ceramic dishes and bowls of Arita-ware made at Imaizumi Imae-mon kiln, or made by Sato Souha and others. Please feel free to contact us for more details of kilns, shops of wares in Karatsu as well as Arita.

Room of Hime "Princess" (tatami floor room on the 2nd floor of the new building) has an in-room bath room of cypress wood with a scenic view of Karatsu Bay and please inform us at your reservation if you want this room.

The old Takatori Residence is one of recommendable spots to visit in Karatsu City and it is located a 5-minute walk from our ryokan. It displays lots of remarkable features such as the stage of "noh" play of the traditional dancing, "sugito-e" of the painted wooden doors and "ran-ma" of the carved transoms above the doors. Admission fee is Yen 500 per person and it is opened any days except for Monday.

Karatsu City has lots of scenic places and its air is very fresh. These can be surely recognized in the case of walking on the Nishi-no-Hama (beach) spread in front of our ryokan. It is also notable that the number of wild birds is increasing in these days and many different kinds of bird can be seen in Karatsu. These are white-eye, bulbul, bush warbler, black kite, magpie and little egret. There was a ryokan guest who found a halcyon on the Choda River in the city. We would be more than happy if you could have a relaxed stay at our ryokan.

Free rental bicycle can be arranged (3 bicycles available at our ryokan) if you want to see the city. It is recommendable to take a walk after arriving in the woods of Niji-no-Matsubara (Rainbow pine forest) along with Higashi-no-Hama (beach). It is also very refreshing to walk on Nishi-no-Hama (beach) to the yacht harbor. We hope you will be able to find a good time and enjoy your stay in the city of Karatsu.

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