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Details of Facilities and Amenities

Room accommodation and equipment

・ Free TV set
・ Refrigerator (cold beer and oolong tea available) except rooms of Shiro (castle) and Yuri (lily).
Portable refrigerator can be installed if needed.
・ Toilet with washlet (electric bidet)
・ Yukata (cotton kimono after bath), Tabi (Japanese socks), towel and bath-towel

Washroom amenities

・ Beauty soap with tea leaves of Ureshino
・ Toothbrush and toothpaste
・ Razor
・ Shower cap
・ Hair comb
・ Hair brush

Amenities at our in-house public bath (small and medium-sized baths)

・ Hair dryer
・ Towel and bath-towel
・ Beauty soap with tea leaves of Ureshino
・ Body soap
・ Shampoo (Tsubaki of Shiseido)
・ Hair conditioner (Tsubaki of Shiseido)
・ Shampoo with rinse

Free rental goods and others

There are some rental goods available in order to make guest's stay comfortably and conveniently at our ryokan. Those are free rental. Since the number of those is limited, your early reservation would be necessary.

    1. Modem for Internet (cable LAN)

    Free rental modem is available for internet and e-mail. (FLET'S optical fiber cable provided by NTT West)

    2. Free rental bicycle

    It is a little bit far to walk, but is convenient to ride on bicycle to go to Niji-no-Matubara (Rainbow shaped pine forest with beach), exhibition hall for floats, outlying kilns of Karatsu-ware, and shops of Karatsu-ware.

    3. Humidifiers

    It can be used in case of dry air in winter.

    4. Books

    A list of books is placed in each of guest rooms and please contact your housekeeping staff if you would find any interesting book to read. There are also picture books for kids not appeared in the lists.

    5. Stepstool for kids

    It can be used at a washroom.

    6. Baby chair
    7. Radio-cassette recorder with CD player
    8. DVD player
    9. Battery charger for cell phone

    It is for use in battery charge for DocomoFoma、SoftBank3G, iPhone/iPod/iPad,microUSB(Willcom) and XPERIA.

Credit Cards

  VISA  Master  Diners  AMEX JCB Ginren

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