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Introduction of cuisine at the Mizuno Ryokan

It is the Mizuno Ryokan's policy to get with natural and fresh finest fishes caught in the Genkai sea (sea in the north of Karatsu City in Kyushu), and cook them in the most delicious way at our ryokan.

Our Kaiseki dinner (a set menu in Japanese style) is served on a tray one by one dish and little by little.

We also welcome any guests who want to have lunch or dinner only as well as staying with two meals at our ryokan.

Reservation for lunch or dinner via the web-siteis requires 2 persons at minimum and up to 10 persons. A large guest room with 20 tatami floor (about 33 square meters) can accommodates the total maximum number of guest up to 40 persons. Please contact us by e-mail if you are a single guest or a group with more than 11 persons.

Room rates together with dinner and breakfast are from Yen 21,600 (inclusive of service charge and taxes) at minimum and up to Yen 35,000 at maximum. There are various menus for dinner and some of them are together with anniversary presents selective from the lists.

Popularity ranking for our dinner menus

1st. Sashimi of live lobster from Goto Islands and grilled Saga beef at Yen 27,000 (inclusive of service charge and taxes).

japanese robster grilled sagabeef


2nd. Abundance of fresh seafood from the Genkai sea at Yen 21,600 (inclusive of service charge and taxes).
This is our basic menu for dinner with sashimi of live squid and other fresh fishes, clear soup with cooked fishes and vegetables, and grilled fish.

live-squid turban-shell


3rd. Sashimi of live lobster from Goto Islands and abalone steak at Yen 27,000 (inclusive of service charge and taxes).

japanese-robster abarone steak



Dinner is a set menu of Kaiseki-ryori maily including local natural and fresh finest fishes. Vegetables are also local finest products from Karatsu and its suburban areas and those would be possibly with no use or less use of agricultural chemicals.

Please let us know beforehand if any of guests would have any allergies to food or have any difficulties to eat food due to your vegetarianism. Possible response to these requests can be made at our best.

Sample menu (live lobster and squid for two persons) for dinner at Yen 24,840 (inclusive of service charge and taxes) is shown below.

dinner sample



Breakfast is also a set menu of "Asa-Karastu Gohan" with specialties in seven colors which is now under the campaign among ryokans and hotels in Karatsu.

Our specialties in seven colors for breakfast is;

    1. Rice

    The rice offered here is "Koshi-hikari", a famous brand of rice which "Ken-chan" affectionately cultivates at the rice terrace in Fuji, Saga which is a suburban town of Karatsu. Please let us know at guest's reservation or arrival if any of guests want to have a breakfast of "Asa-Karatsu cha-zuke", a local menu of a bowl with rice and tea. A breakfast of a bowl with rice, tea and our home-made karasumi, a half dried mullet roe will be also offered at this ryokan.

    2. Miso soup

    We use dashi soup as soup stock made from dried sardine made in Karatsu and miso as bean paste also locally made in Karatsu. Tofu is made at Kawashima tofu shop in Karatsu.

    3. Tofu (bean curd) cuisine

    "Zaru Tofu", tofu drained in a colander is made as their top brand by Kawashima tofu shop in Karatsu.

    4. Soft-dried fishes

    Our dried fishes are made in Karatsu. Those would be changed by season to be Aji-no-hiraki (dried horse mackerel), Mezashi (dried sardines held together by a bamboo skewer or a piece of straw passed through their eyes), or mirin-boshi (fishes in mirin cooking rice wine).

    5. Side dish for rice

     "Chirimen sansho", top-graded Chirimen-jako (dried young sardines) made in Hizen Karatsu is mixed with Japanese pepper made in Karatsu.
     Fresh eggs grown in Nanayama Karatsu cooked in "Ondo Egg" (soft-boiled egg).
     "Gyorokke", fishes minched and steamed made by Fujikawa in Karatsu, or "Sakekasu Mentai", spicy cod fish roe in sake lees made by Yoshidaya.
     Local vegetables. Those would be changed by season to be boiled spinach or grilled eggplant.
     Our home-made "Umeboshi" (Japanese pickle green plums in salt with red shiso leaves), or "Takana" (vegetable of Brassica juncea) locally made in Karatsu is browned in oil.
     Dried sea weed made in Ariake, Saga.

    6. Beverage

    Nanayama Tea ( a local Japanese tea) and local fruit.

    7. Spirit of our service to guests

    Bowls and dishes used at our ryokan are Karatsu-ware and Arita-ware.


We hope you can sit back and relax at your room while you gaze at Karatsu Bay which changes its color from moment to moment.

Menu will be changed due to season and supply.


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